Leavell Investment Management™, Inc. manages three no-load mutual funds within the Williamsburg Investment Trust series
• The Government Street Equity Fund
• The Government Street Mid-Cap Fund
• The Alabama Tax Free Bond Fund

These funds were established by Leavell Investment Management™ to provide individual and institutional investors with the benefits of broadly diversified, actively managed portfolios of high quality securities at modest expense ratios.

Leavell Investment Management™, Inc. seeks to control risk in these mutual funds through their investment choices.
Portfolio Managers for The Government Street Equity Fund and The Government Street Mid-Cap Fund select securities based on fundamental qualities that provide representation to both growth and value equities. Additionally, the portfolios are well diversified across sector, industry and sub-industry classifications.
The Alabama Tax Free Bond Fund focuses on investments in high quality Alabama tax-exempt securities with an intermediate average maturity.
We endeavor to provide a competitive product that meets the objectives of our clients and other investors. At least 80% of its assets are in municipal bonds and notes and other debt instruments, the interest on which is exempt from federal income taxes and from the personal income taxes of the State of Alabama.

Portfolio Managers at Leavell Investment Management™ have honed their investment skills through the top-down approach consistently applied within each of these mutual funds.
Our firm does more than select the best outside mutual fund and exchange traded fund candidates to be included, we also actively manage stock and bond portfolios within individual accounts as well. This added discipline enhances our portfolio managers’ understanding of the underlying markets and differentiates the services we offer.


There are no sales commissions charged to investors. You may obtain assistance in opening an account by calling toll-free 1-866-738-1125, or by writing to the Funds at the address shown below for regular mail orders. You may also obtain assistance through any broker-dealer authorized to sell shares of the Funds. The broker-dealer may charge you a fee for its services.

New shareholders should follow the three easy steps below to open an account in The Government Street Funds.